so i can feel happier to be safe again (_thegoodgirl) wrote in alwaysjudy,
so i can feel happier to be safe again

kickin quiz

Name:: Crystal
Age:: 18
AIM Screen Name (Optional):: creestaal
Age you began to like Judy:: 12
Favorite Judy Song:: You're Nearer
Favorite Judy Movie:: Presenting Lily Mars
Favorite “Judy Years”:: the concert years- esp '61-64
Favorite Judy Co-Star:: Gene Kelly
Judy Movies You Own:: wizard of oz, babes in arms, strike up the band, little nellie kelly, for me and my gal, presenting lily mars, girl crazy, meet me in st louis, the clock, the harvey girls, the pirate, easter parade, in the good old summertime, summerstock, a child is waiting, i could go on singing
Other Information:: i fell in love with judy in Meet Me in St Louis as she was singing 'have yourself a merry little christmas' i thought she was the most beautiful woman ever.
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