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To all alwaysjudy  members. This community will soon be deleted due to some mess-up with Live Journal where I, the alwaysjudy creator, am no longer able to make anychanges to it. Do not worry, i will be creating a NEW community, </font></strong></a></font></strong></a>always_judy , practicall the same name, with just an underscore. I invite you all to join it and I apologize for the confusion and deletion of this community. I promise that the new one will be just as wonderful. And, if I am not able to have the new community ready by tomorrow, I will go ahead and post on here, that tomorrow is the worst day of the year. As I hope all of you know, tomorrow is June 22, the anniversary of Judy's death. I am sure all of you will be wearing you're black as I will be, to mourn for her on this terrible day. Thank you,

Katy Jo, alwaysjudy  and now always_judy  moderator

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