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So what do we think about this?

Hey Kids -
Just wondering if any of you Judy-Lovers have an opinion about Adrienne Barbeau playing Judy in "The Property Known As Garland" Off Broadway? I'm still a tad unsure about the whole thing - but if someone can prove me wrong.... I will be going to NYC in the next couple months and plan on seeing it either way. Just thought I'd see what others thought.
M'wah - M.

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I'm planning on seeing it, I just don't know when. It looks to me, like it'll be good, because they put A LOT of work into detail! The costumes are dead on, and if you'll notice in the picture you posted, there's a bottle of blue nun, and that was Judy's drink of choice around this time. Just for that, I think I have to see it! lol...even the jewelry is exact! It just looks really interesting!
Ooooh! I haven't heard anything about this? What's it about? Can this Adrienne Barbeau sing? I mean if she can semi-do justice to Judy (because let's face it, no one will match her...) then yay! A show!
I'd love to see it, but New Yorks a little too far from here, I'll wait 'til it comes to London... *fingers crossed!*